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How to add scans of applications, declarations and diplomas to the IRK system

| Mirosław Gucwa

In order to add an application (and other documents in electronic form), after logging in to the IRK system, select „My account”, then „Personal forms”, and then „Education”.

In this form, in the section „Certificates and other documents required to start studies”, use the „Save and add document” button (Figure 2).

In the new form, please complete the fields (Figure 3):

  1. „Document type”,
  2. „Document year”,
  3. „Country of issue”.

After filling in these fields, use the „Save” button (Figure 3).

After saving, the „Save and add file” button will appear (Figure 4).

After using this button, it will be possible to add a file, enter the file title (required) and a comment (optional) (Figure 5).

In order to add another file, use the „Save and add file” button again (Figure 4).