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First degree, second degree and uniform master's studies

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Industrial design

Code MP-SI
Organizational unit Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Field of studies Industrial design
Form of studies Full-time
Level of education first cycle
Educational profile academic
Language(s) of instruction Polish
Duration 3.5 years, 7 semesters
Required document
  • Dokumenty uprawniające do podjęcia studiów pierwszego stopnia oraz jednolitych studiów magisterskich
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Phase 1 (01.06.2022 00:00 – 16.07.2022 23:00)

Upcoming phases in this registration:
  • Phase 2 (28.07.2022 00:00 – 17.09.2022 23:00)


A candidate for that department shall possess spatial imagination as well as highly developed creativity and ability to solve. An industrial designer shall not only take care of aesthetic aspect of a thing but also to search for new functional solutions, construction and material ones to adjust them to the needs and requirements of the end user.


A modern, foreign language and 2 subjects from the following: mathematics, information technology, physics (with astronomy), chemistry, Polish language.  


The graduates of industrial design department find employment in advertising agencies, design offices, in IT sector, different types of industrial branches. They are prepared to individual design practice or to work in an interdisciplinary design team, to conduct research works necessary for appropriate identification and determination of project issues in design searching for the best functional, constructional and material solutions as well as to implement projects with attention to the aesthetic side of a product. The graduates of the industrial design department utilize the knowledge from the area of history and culture of design for inspiration, for generation of detailed solutions and they harmonize all the proposed elements with the end user. They conduct the design process taking multispectral issues into account and proper operation of relations between these individual aspects. The graduates of the industrial design department apply advanced support techniques of designing. They utilize materials and technologies during the preparatory stage to be able to design problems in a correct way. 


The programme lasts 7 semesters in the daily, full – time mode - S (on site).

They are completed with obtaining a Bachelor degree (inżynier).

Among the fundamental educational contents there are e.g.:  

  • mathematics,
  • physics,  
  • engineering graphics,
  • 3D modelling,
  • freehand drawing,
  • basics of industrial forms design,
  • material strength.

The facultative educational contents cover such subject blocks as e.g.:  

  • plastics and composites
  • generation techniques,
  • visual actions 3D – sculpture,
  • computer record of construction,
  • interior design,
  • industrial and unique design,
  • coordinate measurements technology,
  • computer methods of design and art processing
  • surface engineering,
  • mocking and physical models building,
  • photography and digital processing of image.

The degree programme is also complemented with subjects within the general and humanistic – social studies and information technology, programming, ergonomics, intellectual property protection or basics in economy and negotiations in business. 

The graduates of the motorisation design engineering Major obtain knowledge and skills in the area of designing, development and vehicles construction, creating and stylising bodyworks, ergonomics and car interiors as well as arrangement and construction of individual subcomponents in a vehicle with the use of contemporary methods and packets supporting 3D design. The obtained knowledge and skills will enable to be employed in units dealing with design, construction and stylising products in different industry branches especially in motorisation industry. Graduates with the qualifications of motorisation design engineering are valuable employees at positions such as CAD constructor, product engineer or project manager especially in the area of modern motorisation industry.


Detailed information on the recruitment page.