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First degree, second degree and uniform master's studies

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Code WF-SJ
Organizational unit Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy
Field of studies Physiotherapy
Form of studies Full-time
Level of education unitary (first+second cycle)
Educational profile academic
Language(s) of instruction Polish
Duration 5 years, 10 semesters
Required document
  • Dokumenty uprawniające do podjęcia studiów pierwszego stopnia oraz jednolitych studiów magisterskich
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Phase 1 (01.06.2022 00:00 – 16.07.2022 23:00)

Upcoming phases in this registration:
  • Phase 2 (28.07.2022 00:00 – 17.09.2022 23:00)


Physical fitness, ability of establishing contacts with others and working in teams, communicativeness, high personal culture, patience, consistency, willingness to help others.


A modern, foreign language and 2 subjects from the following: biology, chemistry, physics (with astronomy), Polish language.


Completing the physiotherapy department offers a wide range of future job prospects. The graduates are prepared to work in positions of physiotherapists in health service providers such as hospitals of various profiles, specialist medical clinics, rehabilitation centres or sanatorium and spa resorts.  Physiotherapists may also pursue their professional career in educational centres (e.g. interschool centre of corrective gymnastics, in special care and rehabilitation facilities), sports clubs, sheltered workshops, workshops for people with disabilities or non-governmental units (foundations, societies) acting for the sake of the disabled. Currently, biological renewal treatment rooms gain in their importance, similarly to SPA centres, fitness clubs, health and beauty clinics where the physiotherapists may also find employment.  Additionally, changes undergoing within the society are also responsible for the shift in popularity of the physiotherapist job as the nation undergoes ageing processes and there is a greater awareness of leading a healthy lifestyle. 


The programme lasts 10 semesters in the daily, full – time mode – S (on site) and 10 semesters in the part – time mode – NS (extramural).

They are completed with obtaining a Master’s degree with the right to take the National Physiotherapy Exam (Państwowy Egzamin Fizjoterapeutyczny PEF).

The graduates acquire knowledge from the area of appropriate execution of all the physiotherapy procedures and qualifications required to conduct physiotherapy at people of different ages, with various dysfunctions and disease entity. They also possess a thorough knowledge from the scope of running functional diagnostics and interpreting its results, specialist methods of therapeutic proceedings as well as planning and controlling the effectiveness of medical rehabilitation outcomes.  It provides them with an opportunity for individual sessions, in rehabilitation teams functioning at health service providers, sports centres, biological renewal facilities or  organizations acting for the sake of the disabled people. People who obtain a Master’s degree of Physiotherapy are prepared to continue their education at the postgraduate cycle, in multiple courses on specialist methods applied in physiotherapy. Additionally, due to the acquired knowledge and skills connected with planning and conducting research works, the graduates are ready to continue their education at the third cycle degree – doctoral programme.  

Among the fundamental educational contents there are e.g.: human anatomy (proper one, palpation, X-ray), physiology, clinical biomechanics, kinesiology, genetics, pharmacology, psychotherapy, economy and marketing in health service, foreign languages.

Among the facultative educational contents there are such subject blocks as e.g.: kinesitherapy, physical therapy, medical massage, manual therapy, in movement organs dysfunctions and internal diseases, special methodology of physiotherapy, physiotherapy and sport traumatology, clinical physiotherapy, functional diagnostics and physiotherapy planning in individual areas of medicine, exercise tests.

The students may flexibly create the proceedings of the degree programme as they are provided with choice of the subjects which are the closest to their interests. Among the selectable subjects there are e.g.: dietetics, fitness, water exercises, basics of yoga, biological renewal, reflexotherapy, stabilization training, medical taping, manual lymphatic drainage, human muscular taping, alternative and therapeutic diagnostic methods. The full - time mode of the degree programme is mostly provided to take place in units of health service or specialised laboratories. The part – time mode degree programme offers Saturday – Sunday mode of education (zjazdy) provided at the university specialised laboratories and workrooms,   however a part of clinical classes is implemented in health service facilities during the week with classes. 


The programme lasts 4 semesters in the daily, full – time mode – S (on site) and 4 semesters in the part – time mode – NS (extramural).

They are completed with obtaining a Master’s degree of Physiotherapy.

The graduates extend their knowledge in the sphere of conducting functional diagnostics and interpreting its results, specialised methods of therapeutic proceedings, planning and controlling the effectiveness of the medical rehabilitation process outcomes. Additionally, due to the obtained knowledge and skills from the area of planning and conducting research works, the graduates are prepared to continue their education at the third cycle – doctoral degree programme.

The fundamental educational contents include e.g.: genetics, psychotherapy, economy and marketing in health service. 

On the other hand, the facultative educational contents include e.g.: special methods of physiotherapy, sport physiotherapy and traumatology, functional diagnostics and rehabilitation programming in individual medicine branches, exercise tests. Additionally, the students may individually create their course of education due to a significant number of selectable subjects. 


Detailed information on the recruitment page.