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Doctoral Schools

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Automation, Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Code DA-SS
Organizational unit Doctoral School
Area/discipline Automation, Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Level of education doctoral school
Language(s) of instruction Polish
Duration 4 years, 8 semesters
WWW address https://szkoladoktorska.po.edu.pl/
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  • Phase 1 (06.08.2021 00:00 – 06.09.2021 23:59)


Education of doctoral students lasts 8 semesters and ends with the award of a doctoral degree.


Education of doctoral students is based on the education program and individual research plan.

Education at the doctoral school enables the doctoral student to gain research competences and greater scientific autonomy.

The doctoral school education program will provide the doctoral student with additional qualifications of key importance to the researcher, such as the ability to publish research results, the ability to work with students, the improvement of language skills and the development of soft skills.

In parallel with the acquisition of knowledge, the doctoral student conducts scientific research, participates in seminars and scientific conferences, prepares scientific articles under the direction of the supervisor, and participates in conducting didactic classes.

Qualifications in the field of knowledge, skills and social competence are obtained in accordance with the requirements for level 8 of the Polish Qualifications Framework.


  1. an application containing: a photograph of the candidate, names, date and place of birth, social security (PESEL) number, and in the absence of such number - the name and number of the document confirming identity and the name of the country that issued it, gender, residence address and correspondence address, contact telephone number, citizenship and, in the case of foreigners, the name of the country of birth and the information about possession of the Pole’s Card, printed from the IRK system;
  2. a copy of the master's degree or equivalent diploma together with the supplement and, in the case of participation in the Diamond Grant program, a copy of the document confirming participation in it;
  3. a curriculum vitae (CV) together with the certificates, certificates of participation in training courses or conferences, etc.;
  4. a two-page outline of the initial concept of the field of research, the state of knowledge regarding the subject of the research and the expected results as well as current scientific achievements of the candidate , together with a list of publications (if any);
  5. information on knowledge of foreign languages, confirmed by possible language certificates or a supplement to the diploma of graduation;
  6. additional documents confirming the candidate’s predisposition for a scientific work (activity in research clubs, , membership in scientific organisations or associations, courses, postgraduate studies, internships, grants, scholarships, participation in scientific conferences and delivered papers, etc.);